Alumnus Jeff Chapman ’98 “Don’t Forget Your Shield”

Jeff D. Chapman, of Kenwood, AR, offers quick and easy methods for youth to develop strong ‘spiritual shields’ with his new book, “Don’t Forget Your Shield.” The book has recently been released nationally and may be purchased through a variety of options which includes online availability through Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

“In today’s complicated world, young people are often overwhelmed by negative influences that steer them down the wrong path,” states Chapman. “Sometimes this results in long-term consequences. My book is based on Christian principles and is a quick and painless way for parents to equip their children to successfully navigate through the ‘real world’. If you ever wonder if your child is making good choices when you’re not around, this book is for you.”

Don’t Forget Your Shield! consists of twenty short stories that begin with a pertinent Bible scripture and includes questions to help young people analyze their own actions. In addition, each story concludes with easy-to-understand tips to equip readers with the knowledge or “shield” necessary to protect them from daily challenges.

Jeff Chapman has enjoyed a lengthy career as a Licensed Therapist. During that time, he has provided therapy for many young people and families. In 2005, he was named Horizon’s National Clinician of the Year for his work as a Social Worker and Therapist.

“I’ve been told by my publisher that the majority of book sells will be through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Ebay. If you don’t care for internet shopping, my book can also be purchased by simply by calling 866-909-BOOK. I encourage you to share my book with any child or young person that’s important to you.”

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