Alan Ables ’69

SUMMERVILLE, S.C. – Outskirts Press has released a third historical fiction novel by journalist and author Alan Ables.

“My readers told me they wanted more. FLASHBACK, The Confederate’s Lost Templar Treasure, is a sequel to my last time travel adventure, CODE DAY ZERO: USS Constitution’s Escape from Armageddon. This time my two main characters find themselves in 1863 Vicksburg, at the beginning of the historic siege,” Ables said.

“The Confederates arrest them as Yankee spies. Among them are leaders of the newly formed Knights of the Golden Circle. These secretive Freemasons, led by General Albert Pike, have discovered fortunes in Templar gold and religious artifacts. Its very existence, and how it got to the Arkansas wilderness, rewrites history. And, if the Knights have their way, it will change the future. The South will use it to build a Southern Caribbean Empire – from Mexico to South America – and eliminate the need for Southern battlefield victory,” Ables explained. “My heroes know this plan must not succeed. They struggle to preserve history and free themselves from the mysterious power that has again thrust them through time and space,” he added.

Ables said his novels can be creatively described as “action-adventure/science fiction/historical-fiction/romance, maybe even as literary fiction. Bottom line: I have fun researching, then teasing tall tales from historical fact. History buffs and military readers, especially, seem to enjoy.”

Background and purchasing information is available at, and at Barnes and Noble. Information about local book signings will be available soon.

Ables is a retired Naval officer who served around the world as a confidential assistant and speechwriter for senior military commanders. He and his wife live in Summerville, S.C.

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