On-Campus Alumni Caller


  • To serve as a fundraiser for the UA Little Rock by asking fellow alumni to renew their annual support to the Institute.

Time Commitment:

Solicitors are asked to make a commitment to participate in at least one Solicitation drive per month.

  • Emails take about the same amount of time.
  • Writing personal notes may take somewhat longer.
  • Phoning generally entails three one-hour calling sessions per month.


  • Contact 25 or more alumni up for annual membership renewal during each Solicitation drive to thank them for their past support and to ask for their continued support of UA Little Rock (phone contact is preferred, personal email and letters are also used).
  • Be knowledgeable about the needs of the Institute and the role of the Alumni Association.
  • Maintain Membership in the Alumni Association.

Optional Responsibilities:

  • Make appreciation (“thank you”) calls, if possible, to those alumni you called who later make a gift as part of an appreciation session.

Summary of Process:

  • The Alumni Association staff will distribute materials to you prior to the solicitation drive.
  • Phone call contact is preferred. If this is not possible after five attempts, a personal email or letter may be sent.
  • Solicitors are asked to return their response cards to the Alumni Association office after the solicitation drive ends.
  • The Alumni Fund staff will provide materials to help you prepare to make calls prior to the calling session.

Please contact Mandi Carreiro at the Alumni Association office to schedule a calling session at 501-682-7063.