• To improve accuracy of alumni contact information (mail address, phone, email) by utilizing public records (company directories, online search engines, operator assisted searches).

Time Commitment:

  • Researchers are asked to make a three hour commitment. There are no specified sprints or sessions, these contacts will be determined based on need and the availability of the researcher.


  • Once the parameters are established, determine the time frame with staff. For example, the researcher may prefer to track down “lost” alumni (no valid contact information), or try to get more complete information on alumni with only one valid contact mode (for example, an alumni with a phone number, but no home or business mailing address, no fax number and no email address).
  • The researcher will be asked provide feedback on what methods were used to obtain new information on alumni and how effective these methods were by the agreed-to deadline.
  • Be knowledgeable about the needs of the Institute, current events of interest at the Institute, and the role of the Alumni Association.
  • Maintain Membership in the Alumni Association.

Details of Position:

  • The Alumni staff will work with the Researcher to develop an appropriate list of names of alumni based on the resources available to the researcher.