LRU 2013 Attendees

Juanita and Bill Ballard
Doris Kay and Ronald Bank
Mary Lou Billingsley and Kenda Treadway
Mary and Jim Bradberry
Judy and Turner Buie
Ruth Chandler and Annie Morgan
Donna and David Cone
John and Susan Crawford
Dorothy and Fallon Davis
Janet and Joe Dilday
Bev and John Eberle
Betty and Jim Gee
Sara and Martin Gipson
Richard Green & Guest
Bonnie (Blackman) and William Hatchett
Bill Hathcote
Mary Anne Harcourt
Anne and Tom Head
Joan and Raymond House
Carol and John Hutton
Francical Jackson and Veronica Dokes
Sue and Lynn Jenkins
Fred Johnson
Paula and Lee Johnson
Don Kenney
Pegie and Tom Larrison
Carolyn and Robert Lawrence
Jane McKinney and Richard Tripodi
Barbara and Dennis Mills
Paula and Rex Morris
Anne Bradford Mourning
Donna Nash and Sarah Park
Jim Newell & Guest
Sydney Phillips
Marnette and Bill Ragon
Joel Ruminer
Jacqueline Saint Anne
Lynn and Jerry Senn
Carolyn and Willard Smith
Larry Stephens
Rosemary and Pat Studer
Carl Tidmore
Christie and Bill Tipton
Thomas Vaughn and Mady Maguire
Linda and Joe Wells
Mary Zack Wildgen
Annette Williams and John Sutton
M/M Dominic Yang
Judith and Jimmy Young