Meet our 2013-2014 Scholarship Recipients

Alfred L. Williams Endowed Alumni Award, Elaine Eubank Endowed Scholarship,  E. Grainger and Frances B. Williams Endowed Scholarships~

James (Zach) Russenberger is a junior, majoring in Finance with an emphasis in Risk Awareness and Financial Services.  He plans to work in the insurance field with an end goal to become an insurance producer.  Zach will have two siblings graduating from high school who will be attending college soon.

Alumni Book Award~

Reteisha Byrd is a sophomore, Business Management major with plans to become a unit director at the Boys and Girls Club where she’s worked for three years.  Reteisha wants to establish programs designed to motivate young people to use life skills and lessons.

Virginia Johnson, a sophomore majoring in Nursing, she graduated from St. James University Hospital, Leeds England, in 1977 as a State Registered Nurse.  Virginia works 48 hours a week to support her two year old grandson and plans to ultimately obtain an advanced degree so she can teach nursing students.

Wendy Lyons is majoring in Small Business Management with a minor in Accounting and Professional and Technical Writing. Wendy joined the Air Force at 25 and now works full time for a company that creates custom blended chemicals for water treatment used in most municipal water systems.  The company owner is planning to retire and has named Wendy his successor to the Administrative and Human Resources Department for the company.  In addition to working and going to school full time, Wendy volunteers for the Little Rock Animal Village.

Leah White is a senior, Business Management major and is the single mother of two daughters.  After graduating from UALR, she plans to pursue a career in pharmaceutical sales.

Randall Willis, an Education major, plans to pursue a teaching career as well as continue his education to earn a Master’s in Administration.  “Teaching will enable me to learn the intricacies of how a school functions to better serve the district when I earn my Master’s in Education.”

Anna Seno chose Mathematics as her major and in addition to attending classes, works full time as a bank teller. Inspired by her mother, who was a psychology teacher in the Phillipines, Anna plans to pursue a career as a teacher.

Natalie McCandles who is a junior Mathematics major, substitute teaches in her hometown of Hardy, Arkansas and plans to become a middle school mathematics teacher after graduation.

Alumni Forever Scholarship~

Janine Harris is a senior pursuing a degree in Health Education and Promotion with a minor in Human Resource Management.  Originally from Little Rock, Arkansas, Janine is a full-time student, full-time employee, and a full-time mom to her her seven year old son. Upon graduation, Janine plans to apply for nursing school with goals of becoming an RN.

Sharhonda Kelly is a senior Biology major with plans to continue her education through medical school.  Raised by a single father, Sharhonda has always dreamed of being a doctor, either in family practice or  perhaps specializing in Optometry.

Brenda Fort is a senior majoring in Criminal Justice who, after graduating from UALR, plans to earn a law degree and specialize in advocacy work for the elderly.

Danielle Kemmer is majoring in Biology with plans of continuing on to medical school.  After several bumps in the road, Danielle has found her direction and plans to pursue a medical degree after graduating from UALR.  She discovered a passion for volunteering early in her college career and has carried that throughout by volunteering with UAMS, UALR, and Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Central Arkansas.

Annual Fund~

Ricardo Alvarez is a Business Administration Management major working two jobs to pay for college.  He is currently in his third year as president of LULAC, “League of United Latin American Citizens”.  “The LULAC journey I considered it to be an unexpectedly magically opportunity in my life because I get to do what I love to do, “help others” while gaining the experience of managing important decisions. Currently I am in the process of starting a new LULAC chapter at Little Rock Central High, which would be a great accomplishment for this nationally recognized group at the high school level.:

Zachary Dedmonsenior, Systems Engineering major, Zachary recently won a novice amateur title at the amateur nationals in Bakersfield California in water sports.  His ultimate goal is to graduate from UALR with an Engineering degree and build a career in the boat design and manufacturing industry and develop new designs and technologies while increasing water sport safety.

Bailey Family Leadership Scholarship~

Emily Bruner a sophomore, Theatre major, is involved with Discover UALR, the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, and the Theatre Department’s fall play, The Bacchae. In addition, she’s active in the Chancellor’s Leadership Corps and this semester was elected by peers to serve as Secretary on CLC’s Executive Council for the 2013-2014 school year as well as chosen to be one of twenty-four Sophomore Ambassadors for next year’s incoming CLC Freshmen Scholars.

John A. Larson Scholarship and Alumni Book Award~

Ayushi Saraswat is a sophomore Nursing major, who moved with her family from India to the United States when she was seven.  Ayushi learned the importance of volunteering from watching her mother make stuffed toys for children being treated in area hospitals.  Once she began volunteering herself, she knew she had found her calling and has committed over 300 volunteer hours to different organizations.  After graduation and completing her Master’s in Nursing, she plans to become a registered nurse practitioner.