Senior Applied Communication Studies Student has Meaningful Experience During Summer Internship

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Senior Applied Communication Studies student Roza Bost spent her summer as an intern at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Undergraduate Summer Research Minority Health Disparities Initiative. She was selected out of a large pool of applicants to work with other undergraduate students from various disciplines from around the country to research minority health disparities. Roza spent ten weeks of her summer both taking classes on social network analysis as well as working with faculty mentors on research projects seeking to improve minority health.

Ms. Bost worked specifically on a project in which they studied multi-ethnic racial identity’s effect on self perception. Through the research she participated in, Ms. Bost found a major take away: “It’s important when researching racial differences to take into account many different variables, like experience, culture and nuances within multi-ethnic racial identities.” Roza enjoyed her wholesome experience at the University of Nebraska in which she had the chance to meet and work with prominent scholars in the field of public health  as well as go on retreats with other interns in her group.

Roza’s experience at her internship has cultivated her passion for academics. Now she will 14269383_10208694380410132_496863349_npursue her Master’s Degree in Applied Communication Studies here in the CSSC after completing her undergraduate degree. She wants to continue to research how communication impacts public health issues. In the meantime, Roza is interning at UAMS as their Communication and Social Media intern and drawing on her experience every day. Roza is a great example of how students can seeking opportunities both in and out of the university to dream big







*This content was reposted from the UALR College of Social Sciences and Communication. 

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