Drum roll please! We present to you the “Sold in 60 Seconds” competition winners.

Applied Communication Department’s very own:

Lauren Sanders,

Sayra Crandall,

and Winston Meyer

won an elevator pitch of epic proportion.

Mastering their skills and unique experiences led the three Graduate Students in the Applied Communication Department to victory!  The UA Little Rock College of Business and Liberty National had their “Sold in 60 Seconds” Competition yesterday, March 10, 2017.  Here is an announcement from our Department Chair, April Chatham-Carpenter, to the victors on their sales pitches today.


“Nothing ventured, nothing gained.”  This was the philosophy of three Applied Communication graduate students who chose to team up and enter the UA Little Rock College of Business & Liberty National’s “Sold in 60 Seconds” event on March 10, 2017, at the UA Little Rock campus.

Sayra Crandall, Winston Meyer, and Lauren Sanders all had different backgrounds, coming into the master’s program in Applied Communication at UA Little Rock, but they teamed up using their strengths to make it to the final round of the “Sold in 60 Seconds” competition and win!  (See https://sites.google.com/ualr.edu/soldinsixty/home for more information on the competition.)

We are excited to see that they are putting into practice the skills that they regularly model and teach as graduate assistants in the Communication Skill Center on the UA Little Rock campus.

Great job Lauren, Sayra, & Winston!  We are proud of you and your hard work!


Again, great job Lauren, Sayra, and Winston.  May your victory live on to inspire other students to practice their skills, build relationships in the process, and grab the brass ring.


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