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 Communication Week (1)

Come join the Applied Communication Department for fun, learning, and networking.  Here is a schedule overview of the activities you can take a part in during the week.

Here are some highlights, about which you can find more detail in the attached flyers.


1.  Monday, you can play games with faculty, staff, and other students in the CSC at noon.


2.  Tuesday, you can learn about resume writing.


3.  Wednesday, you can have free pizza with other students and alumni, learning about future types of job opportunities and how to be competitive for them.


4.  Thursday, you can come to an alumni reunion and leadership lecture, for more networking possibilities.


5.  Friday, you can participate in a larger college alumni event and get coaching from alumni on bettering your job prospects.  If you RSVP for Friday’s event at the address on the flyer, you will be provided another free lunch.


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