ACOM 2310 “Human Communication Concepts” Learning Outcomes

Course Learning Outcomes

The “big question” this course helps you to be able to answer is the following.

How can we apply communication concepts to improve the story we live and tell about our lives(Put differently-How can applying theory improve my communication and make a difference in my life?)

This course focuses on 3 of the 6 departmental program learning goals outlined below, with the following course learning outcomes.

1) Develop messages by

a.  Explaining communication in terms of positive co-construction;

b.  Discussing the value of communication theory for application; and

c.  Creating a credible, ethical, and compelling written and oral presentation using the five steps of a case study.

2) Analyze messages by

a.  Engaging in an ethical analysis of communication interactions, and

b.  Assessing case study papers and presentations.

3) Set communication goals by

a.  Identifying positive communication practices in light of communication concepts, and

b.  Creating positive communication goals based on your case analysis and self-assessment.

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