ACOM 2311 “Introduction to Communication Research” Learning Outcomes

Course Learning Objectives

The Introduction to Communication Research course provides an overview of communication research by introducing you to research methods used by communication scholars. The course increases your awareness of how case study research, in particular, is developed, conducted, and communicated. The overall goal of the course is to help you learn how to do case study research and communicate your research findings and recommendations to appropriate audiences.

There are two “big questions” which this course helps you to be able to answer:

  • How can communication research be used to help analyze messages, and
  • How can communication research be used to improve communication in a given situation.

By using a case study approach, this course helps you practice analyzing messages, developing messages, setting communicative goals, and embracing differences when communicating in a real-life situation, as seen below.  By the time you finish this class, you should be able to do the following.

Analyzing messages

  • Explain the process of research and its connection to knowledge development in the communication field
  • Justify a research project with academic literature
  • Apply a communication theory to analyze the communication taking place in a case context

Developing messages

  • Write a case study paper using social science organizational headings
  • Present case study research in an organized oral presentation
  • Use correct APA format when writing a formal academic paper

Setting communicative goals

  • Provide recommendations for improvement of communication practices using a communication theory

 Embracing difference

  • Understand the need to protect research participants in the process of doing research
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