ACOM 4300 “Senior Capstone Project” Course Learning Outcomes

Course Big Questions

  • What are our ethical responsibilities as communication scholars?
  • How do we use our communication knowledge and skills to co-create better social worlds?

Course Goals

The senior capstone project course is designed to provide students an opportunity to integrate the knowledge and skills that have been gained from their major courses to the experiences from their personal lives. Specifically, the writing and presentation required should tap the knowledge, analytic abilities, writing and presentation skills, and insights students have acquired through study, observation, and involvement in the communication field.

Intended Learning Outcomes

By completing the senior capstone project, students will demonstrate their abilities to:

• Analyze messages;
• Develop messages;
• Anticipate communication barriers;
• Collaborate with others to accomplish communicative goals;
• Embrace difference; and
• Influence discourse.

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