ACOM 4312 “Intercultural Communication” Learning Outcomes

Course Learning Outcomes

The “big question” this course helps you to be able to answer is the following.

What kinds of intercultural communication practices will improve our world?

We will learn to embrace difference by analyzing and developing messages, in order to do the following.

1. Understand and apply an intercultural communication model for improving culturally diverse relationships.

2. Determine your intercultural communication strengths, improvement goals, and strategies.

Students satisfactorily completing this course should have the following competencies:

•  To define, describe, and identify communication factors and skills associated with the development of individual and group culture; 
•  To classify and interpret awareness of individual cultural assumptions;
•  To predict and critique the sources of origin of cultural differences/similarities;
•  To identify strategies for being a more competent intercultural communicator; and
•  To analyze specific intercultural communication encounters with case study methodology.

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