MA Early Entry Program

Have you thought about graduate school as a next step?

What if you could earn up to 12 hours toward an MA degree–

saving over 30% off tuition–while also earning your BA?

Check out the MA in Applied Communication Studies Early Entry Program!

Early Entry Program

What is the Early Entry Program? 

A  great, risk-free way to see if you’re interested in pursuing an MA in Applied Communication Studies while completing up to 12 hours of approved ACOM 4/5000 level courses–courses that also count toward your undergraduate degree!

How do I know if I’m qualified for the program?

You need a 3.0 or higher overall GPA and a 3.2 in ACOM 2310, 2311, 3320, and at least one ACOM elective.

What are the cost savings?

Early entry saves you up to 36% of the total cost, or about $6,400.00, if you qualify for all 12 hours.                      

This sounds great! What steps should I take if I’m interested?

  • Visit our MA in Applied Communication Studies website (link) 
  • Contact Dr. Gerald Driskill, Graduate Coordinator,, 501-916-3158
  • Apply for the program after 75 or more hours of undergraduate coursework
  • Be interviewed and approved by the graduate coordinator and graduate faculty
  • Complete 90 hours of undergraduate courses before the first graduate course