US Dept. of Interior awards grant to install seismic stations in Arkansas.

The US Department of Interior awarded Dr. Haydar Al-Shukri, Principal Investigator and Dr. Hanan Mahdi Co-Principal Investigator, $500,000 to adopt and operate six of the EarthScope/USArray Transportable Seismic Stations to be installed in Arkansas in 2010-2011. The purpose of this award is to enhance the capability of earthquake monitoring in the central United States in general, and the state of Arkansas, in particular. A six-component strong ground motion station will also be installed within the seismically active part of the New Madrid fault system. Other benefits of this project are to assist in hazard mitigation and early warning, provide public education and community outreach, provide state-of-the-art data to the scientific community to better understand seismicity and its risk in the region, and provide real-time information on seismic activity. The project started 2010 and end 2013.

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