AP/Pre-AP Five-Point Summit

Where: UA Little Rock main campus

When: October 30—31, 2018 from  8:30 a.m. to 3:45 p.m.

FOUR focus areas: AP®  Government and Politics, AP® US History,  AP® World History, and Pre-AP Social Studies/Pre-AP English

Five-Point Summit for AP Teachers: Improving Advanced Placement® Social Studies Exam Scores:  College Board redesigned AP®  Government and Politics beginning March 2018.  College Board also recently updated AP® US History and AP® World History courses, exams, and exam rubriWork with AP®exam readers and question leaders to understand the revisions and learn strategies that unlock student potential.   This two-day workshop is led by College Board Exam Readers and Question Leaders in AP disciplines.

Five-Point Summit for National Board Teacher Certification

Pre-AP teachers… apply College Board Pre-AP strategies and assessment tools to the National Board Teacher Certification process.  Our workshop uses Certification in Social Studies (Early Adolescence and Young Adult) and English (Early Adolescence and Young Adult) as our training examples.  Strategies and assessment tools apply to all both content areas.  Pre-AP Social Studies/Pre-AP English led by National Board Certified Teachers in Social Studies, Exceptional Needs, and Literacy.

What is the current National Board bonus for your school? (Low poverty [less than 70% free/reduced lunch] = $2,500 for five years); (high poverty school [70% or more free/reduced] in a low-poverty school district = $5,000 for five years); (high poverty school in a high poverty district [70% or more free/reduced] = $10,000 for five years plus $10,000 for an additional five years if National Board Certificate is renewed).

ADE $10,000 schools

2016 list of schools and the % of Free/Reduced Lunches

Want to learn more about National Board Certification?  Visit our website

AP Participants Will Receive:

* Published and other resource materials designed to help students earn higher scores on AP® Government and Politics, AP® US History & AP® World History exams.

* Insight and guidance on understanding and applying the revised AP® exam rubrics

* Strategies for analyzing Instructional Planning Reports, teaching content, and preparing students for the exam

* Tips from the experts that will make a true difference in student learning

Pre-AP Participants Will Receive:

* Overview of the National Board Certification Process

* Pre-AP skills and strategies to support the National Board Teacher Certification process

* Essential practices and resources for differentiating instruction and assessment of student learning

* Strategies for writing effectively for National Board Certification

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University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Meet our Presenters (TBA…..soon)!

Pre-AP Social Studies (National Board Teacher Certification focus)

Dr. Christine Deitz, NBCT Social Studies 2004 & 2014

About your instructor….  Dr. Christine Deitz has been an instructor at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock since 2002.  She earned her first National Board Certification in 2004 in Social Studies.  In 2005, she and two other National Board Certified Teachers founded the Center for National Board Certification at the UA Little Rock.  Since certification, Dr. Deitz has mentored hundreds of candidates, serves on the Governor’s Advisory Board for National Board Certification, and is a local, state, and national presenter on various National Board topics.   In 2014, she renewed her certification in social studies.  In 2017, she earned her second National Board Certification in Exceptional Needs/Gifted.


AP Government and Politics:

Gene Chase

Eugene Chase teaches US and Comparative Government and Politics at Edmond North High School in Edmond, Oklahoma, where he also serves as social studies department chair. A table leader at the AP US Government reading, he has been consulting for the College Board since 1999 and has presented at AP and Pre-AP workshops nationwide and at the AP National Conference. He is a National Board Certified Teacher (AYA Social Studies – History) and has also served as an assessor for the National Board. Gene has been an AP Government adviser for three textbooks and has provided staff development to many school districts including Chicago Public Schools and Boston Public Schools. Also working with the Education Testing Service, he has been an item writer for the US and Comparative Government and Politics exams and has been assessor for the Praxis Series teacher licensure tests. He holds a BA in political science from the University of Oklahoma and an MA in political science from the University of Central Oklahoma. Gene occasionally services as an adjunct instructor at the University of Central Oklahoma and Oklahoma Baptist University teaching American National Government and Social Studies Methods.


AP World History:  

AP US History:  

John Irish

John received his B.A. in Philosophy and Political Science, M.A. in Philosophy (Thesis: “A Reassessment of Locke’s Theory of Property”), and a M.L.A. in Humanities (Thesis: “The Enlightened Puritan – the Intellectual Thought of John Adams”) from Southern Methodist University.  John has taught for 20 years, mostly in Katy ISD (a suburb just West of Houston on I-10 about 30 minutes) at Katy Taylor and Katy Seven Lakes, teaching AP U.S. History, AP European History, and Humanities.   John works for the College Board in different capacities.  He serves as a Reader and Question Leader for the APUSH Exam.  He also works as a Faculty Consultant for College Board, which means he trains new and experienced teachers at 1-day, 2-day, and week long Summer Institutes throughout the Southwest Region (this region serves Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and New Mexico).  He is also the Co-Chair for the Test Development Committee for the AP U.S. History course. He published all the ancillaries that go with The American Pageant textbook, along with a four volume APUSH workbook with the Center for Learning. John has published a three volume workbook series for Norton on the Historical Thinking Skills, for U.S., European, and World History. Irish is a member of the American Historical Association, Organization of American Historians, and the Society for History Education.