ASMSA is one of fifteen public, residential high schools in the country specializing in the education of gifted and talented students who have an interest and aptitude for mathematics and science. ASMSA is unique in its mission and service to education. Created in 1991 by an act of the Arkansas Legislature, ASMSA has the distinction of being one of the nation’s top secondary schools for superior students. ASMSA instructors hold masters degrees, and 27% hold PhDs.

ASMSA is a member of the National Consortium for Specialized Secondary Schools of Mathematics, Science and Technology (NCSSMST). The goal of the consortium is to foster, support, and advance the efforts of specialized schools whose primary purpose is to attract and academically prepare students for leadership in mathematics, science and technology.

ASMSA contact numbers:

Daytime contact: 501.662.5100
Campus security 24-hour emergency contact: 501.622.5153