Parking/Driving Directions/Airport Shuttle

Parking / Driving Directions /Airport Shuttle

Parking is limited due to construction at ASMSA. Parking is available across the street in the parking lot for the First Presbyterian Church, 213 Whittington Avenue and on Whittington Place. For those staying in the dorm, parking is available behind the new dorm building.

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Airport/Shuttle Information
Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport is located approximately 60 miles from Hot Springs. Visit their web site for additional information.

Hotel shuttle information is located in the baggage claim area.

Located at the south end of the terminal, the Ground Transportation Center houses counters for shuttle and limousines as well as the airport’s Ground Transportation Desk and taxi access.


Inter-City Transportation – reservations recommended
501.225.4773 or 501.247.8006
Fax 501.220.9011
Call for a reservation from the Little Rock Airport to Hot Springs.