Sculpted skills: Living Treasure Michael Warrick has shaped art that stands across Central Arkansas, around the world

There are giant, disembodied heads in the garage of Michael Warrick. One of them is his own.

Not that Warrick, a Little Rock sculptor who last month was named the 2020 Arkansas Living Treasure by the Arkansas Arts Council, has a big head or anything.

But there is a large replica of his bearded visage — made of an oil-based clay on top of a Styrofoam skull — among the others in this space, which are part of a series he has been working on for a decade.

Along with these noggins, the garage-turned-studio is filled with sculptures, sculptures-to-be and materials to make them, like the bronzed molds Warrick created from sticks he picked up in his yard. There are boxes, file cabinets, shelves, tools, tables. A pot of hot wax sits on a stand and Warrick warns against sticking one’s hand in it.

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