Mission and Student Learning Outcomes

The Mission of the Department of Art and Design supports the mission of the university through its own quality programs. The department promotes excellence in the visual arts, and develops intellect, knowledge, and skills. We foster awareness of contemporary trends and traditional arts for students and community through education, research, collaboration, and example.

Our Values are in practice by talented students seeking undergraduate and graduate degrees, and by faculty and staff dedicated to helping them achieve those goals: quality, craft, concept, content, respect, integrity, and accountability. Our Vision is to be an accessible destination center for visual arts and design.

Outcome #1: Creating

Upon completion of our program:

Students will demonstrate an understanding of principles of visual organization in a variety of studies through their work.

  • Perceptual Acuity (keen insight)
  • Conceptual Understanding

Outcome #2: Critical Thinking

Students will analyze works of art in historical, cultural, and stylistic contexts.

  • Vocabulary
  • Concepts/Context
  • Research Methods
  • Theory and Criticism

Outcome #3: Connecting

Students will use equipment, technology, and resources applicable to their areas.

  • Craftsmanship
  • Technical Aptitude

Outcome #4: Communicating

Students will present and support their work.

  • Organization
  • Clarity of Content
  • Professional Delivery