Studio Assistantship Application

Fall Deadline: May 1st
Spring Deadline: December 1st

Each semester the Department of Art and Design awards a limited number of assistantships to art majors to provide financial assistance and involve them in the operation of the department programs through internships.

Students with a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 and above are eligible. Other criteria for appointment include activity in the art department, student skills, and department needs. The amount of the award is applied directly to the student’s account.

Students awarded assistantships will be sponsored by a faculty member who will supervise their work. The amount of the award is determined in part by the number of hours of coursework the student takes. Assistantships will not exceed in-state tuition. The number of hours of a student works will be determined by the amount of the assistantship. The rate of pay will be $10.00 per hour. The formula below provides pay and work time involved.

Amount of award ÷ number of weeks in semester (14) ÷ rate per hour = hours per week

($1,400÷14 wks÷$10.00 per hr = 10 hours per week)

  • The department will not make awards to students enrolled for less than six credit hours.
  • The hours need not all be art courses.
  • Awards are determined prior to each academic semester.
  • Application or re-application must take place prior to each semester and in compliance with posted deadline.

Returning Students

Returning students must complete and submit the application form to the Department of Art and Design no later than the posted deadline.

New and Prospective Students

New and prospective students must complete the application form and submit it to the Department of Art and Design office no later than the posted deadline.

Assistantship Application

Application for working in the department studios, galleries and office.
  • Please completely fill and submit this form. Assistantships are available to art majors taking at least six hours of coursework at UALR.

    Assistantships must be submitted two weeks prior to the last day of the semester prior to the semester you intend on applying for.

  • Please enter a number from 6 to 18.
  • Please enter a number from 5 to 15.
  • Provide the name of a faculty member in the department that will be your department sponsor.