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Presented by: Dr. Michael Kleine During Fall 2010 Semester at ATLE Teaching Demonstration


Michael Kleine has been an professor at UALR for over 25 years. During that time he has won the Ted and Virginia Bailey Teaching Award as well as the Student’s Choice Award fro good teaching. He is also a well-published scholar. One of his interests is exploring the work of Brunetto Latinwho was the subject of his latest book. In Searching for Latini, Michael recounts the quest of a rhetorician and writing teacher to discover and celebrate the significance of a thirteenth-century rhetorician who has been excluded from American versions of rhetorical history-Brunetto Latini, the teacher of Dante. Kleine argues that Latini should be rescued from obscurity, not only because of the literary status of his student but also because of Latini’s promotion of his work to contemporary teachers of writing. According to one reviewer, “Kleine writes of his pilgrimage reflectively and poignantly. His search reminds us all that, in rescuing others from obscurity, we might even rescue ourselves.”


Dr. Michael Kleine

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