General Studies

The Associate of Arts in General Studies degree includes the completion of UA Little Rock General CORE classes, plus 16 credit hours of additional courses. The goal of the Associate of Arts in General Studies program is to provide students with the UA Little Rock CORE Curriculum as a base for continuing in school for a bachelor’s degree. Students can be taking CORE classes while also taking classes toward their intended bachelor’s degree.

The best scenario is that a student begins by concentrating on CORE classes but in that journey of the first two years, the student also decides his/her major toward a bachelor’s degree and begins taking those classes at the same time as working on CORE. (This fits in well with requirements of scholarships like the Arkansas Lottery Scholarship and many more and also is efficient use of time and money as it relates to FASFA loans/grants.) Thus, if a student is advised well in that journey, the student can receive the AAGS along the way toward the bachelor’s degree and it cost nothing. It is also important to know that if a student has the AAGS Degree and decides to transfer to another Arkansas State funded school, and the degree being sought requires that schools GENERAL CORE, then by Arkansas state law… that CORE is already completed because the student has the AAGS from UA Little Rock.

Contact Angela Paladino-Fairley, UA Little Rock Benton Academic Advising, for more information on the degree program.