DDDC Registration and Abstract Submission

Please read the Instructions below before registration

  1. Please pay your registration fee by clicking HERE and save the order number that you will receive via email, when your payment is accepted.
  2. Then fill in your details in the registration form, by clicking on the appropriate link below (Faculty or Non-Presenting student/post-doc or Presenting student/post-doc).
  3. Presenting students and post-docs, please use the Sample Abstract as template and copy-paste your abstract in the registration form below.
  4. You will receive an email if your abstract is selected for presentation by June 13,2018.


              Faculty Registration Form                              $150

Faculty who want to submit an abstract can email it to dddc.aaps@gmail.com, after making a payment

                      REGISTRATIONS ARE NOW CLOSED FOR STUDENTS. If you have any questions please email to dddc.aaps@gmail.com

Half of the registration amount ($30) will be Sponsored by MCBIOS, for students/post-docs, if you submit an Abstract for Poster/Oral presentation.

Student Awards
Student awards for best posters and oral presentations will be presented at the award ceremony on Saturday, June 23, 2018
You must be present at award ceremony to receive the award.