My Blackboard: Tools

Profile: Enables all users to have an identity in Blackboard Learn so you can discover each other and share relevant information about yourselves that can facilitate connections and make the learning experience more personal and social

Posts: Aggregates posts and comments from collaborative tools Discussion Boards, Blogs, Journals, and Wikis) from all of your Courses and organizations–keeping you connected to all the conversations going on across Blackboard.

Updates: Aggregates Notifications from across all of Blackboard and provides the ability to filter to ensure easy management of updates.


My Grades: A tool specifically for students that provides access to all of your grades from across all of your courses –viewable by date (so you can always see the latest grades you’ve received across Blackboard) or by course (so you can see all the grades you’ve received for each course, as    well as any assignments or assessments that have been submitted or are upcoming for the course).

People: Enables you to discover others in your academic network –those who are in each of your Courses with you and organizations –as well as search for others school-wide and view user profiles


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