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The Posts tool in My Blackboard makes it really easy to stay up-to-date and engaged with all the conversations going on across Blackboard Learn.  The Posts tool consolidates posts from all of your courses and organizations – so posts from Discussion Boards, Journals, Wikis, and Blogs – as well as the comments and replies to those posts.  And to make it easy to manage the posts, they’re presented in a familiar, chronological stream interface and there are filter options.  With the different filters, you can look at all posts, just those that directly involve you, or you can choose to only look at posts from one particular Course or Organization.

And the Avatars associated with the profiles carry over to these forums, letting users put faces to names.

Additionally, with Journal, Wiki, and Blog posts, you can comment right from within the Posts interface or you can click to see the full context of the post in the course environment.  With Discussion Board posts, you can click right into the interface in the course environment where you can type your reply.  So it’s simple to both stay up-to-date and involved in the conversation.

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