Profile Tool: Setting up a Profile

Access your profile through My Blackboard. Click Edit My Profile to begin creating your profile. If your school has turned on social media integration you can copy your Facebook and Twitter picture, description and email.

Note: If you do not see a profile, your school has not turned it on.

About Profile Avatars

Put a face to the name. You can upload an avatar that can be used to represent you throughout the system and within the greater Blackboard Academic Network.

Your personal avatar is displayed in the page header, People tool, Blogs, Journals, Discussion Boards, Wikis, Roster, and within Notifications Modules (including What’s New, Needs Attention, To Do, and Alerts).

Choosing an Email Address

When you first set up your initial Profile you are automatically prompted to provide a primary email.

The primary email address is used to identify you across multiple Blackboard Learn instances. We recommend that you use a personal email for this, as you may lose access to an institution-provided email when you change schools or jobs.

The system notifies and sends the user a verification email containing a link that directs the user back to their profile, verifying their identity as the owner of that email address. Once verified, the user Profile is linked to that email address.

Making the Most of Your Profile

More and more workplaces are performing social screening before hiring to evaluate a candidate’s character, personality and fit with their company. For this reason, it is important to present yourself appropriately in your Blackboard profile, which is intended for lifelong academic and professional networking.

Most workplaces are performing social screening to:

  • See how you present yourself.
  • See how well you communicate.
  • See if you would be a good fit with their company culture.
  • Learn more about your qualifications.
  • See if you are well rounded.
  • Look for reasons to not hire you.

You choose how the world sees you. Convey a professional image through the pictures and words you use. Avoid posting anything provocative or inappropriate.

Make sure what you say online accurately represents how you want future employers to see you. Check what you write before posting. Spelling mistakes look bad and are easy to catch and fix. Be positive and constructive in what you say. Avoid making discriminatory comments and talking about drinking or using drugs.

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