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From the user menu in the global navigation, you can manage notification settings for all of the courses and organizations you are enrolled in. The notification system is a framework for the delivery of notifications to Blackboard Learn users. You are notified when an event occurs in the system, such as availability of a new assignment, submission of a survey, or a test due date passing.

All enabled notifications are generated automatically whenever their associated event occurs. For example, when your instructor creates an assignment and makes it available, the system automatically creates the appropriate notifications.

Notifications are delivered in the following ways:

  • If your school licenses community engagement, access notifications on the Notifications Dashboard on the home page of each course and on the My Institution tab.
  • Browse all notifications on the Updates page found in My Blackboard.
  • Receive notifications by email or on your mobile device.

A. Edit General Settings: Define the general notification settings such as email format, deletion schedule, and reminder schedule for courses and organizations.
B. Edit Individual Course Settings: Displays the current notification settings for courses you are enrolled in. You can make changes to the notification settings for a specific course.
C. Bulk Edit Notification Settings: Select a set of courses or organizations to update and change the notification settings for them in one step.
D. Edit Individual Organization Settings: Displays the current notification settings for organizations you are enrolled in. You can make changes to the notification settings for a specific organization.

How to Edit Notification Settings

  1. On the Edit Notification Settings page, click Edit General Settings.
  2. On the General Settingspage, select to receive an email for each notification or select to receive a daily digest email that contains information on all of the notifications for that day. You can set the time for the daily digest.
    • Individual Messages: Emails will be sent for each notification. However, the digest selection is necessary for Early Warning System/Retention Center details (instructor tools only), unread discussion board messages, unread blog posts, and unread journal entries.
    • Daily Email Digest: All notifications will be collected and sent in a daily digest.
  3. Set the number of days until a notification is removed automatically.
  4. Select Yes to set due date reminders for notifications. Set the number of days before the due date to send an email. This reminder is emailed as a digest email or as individual emails, depending upon the option you select.
  5. Click Submit.

About Individual Notifications and Email Notifications

You can select specific notification types and which to receive emails about. By default, all notification types are turned on to display on the dashboard.

By default, all email notification types are turned off. If you turn on the notification for a specific tool or feature, an email is sent out corresponding to that notification. For the following items, email notifications are sent out only if daily digest email is selected:

  • Early Warning System/Retention Center rule details
  • Unread discussion board messages
  • Unread blog posts
  • Unread journal entries

After selecting the appropriate settings, click Submit to save these settings.

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