The My Grades Tool

The My Grades tool found in My Blackboard consolidates all your grades from across all your courses into one view.  There’s no need to go in and out of all your courses to check your grades.  You can quickly see a stream of the latest grades you’ve received, so you never miss a new grade that was posted.  When you click on a grade in the stream, you will see additional detail like your instructor’s feedback and the class average if your instructor has made it available.  You can also click into a Course view if you want to see your grades by course.  For each Course, you can see your current overall grade (if your instructor has made it available to you), as well as graded items in the course, submitted items that haven’t been graded yet, and upcoming assignments and assessments.  My Grades is the only place you need to go to check your grades.

You can access the My Grades page from your course, the My Institution tab, the global navigation or My Blackboard.

How to View Grade Details

If you access My Grades from the My Institution tab or the global navigation, you see grades for all courses. Click View Attempt to view the grade details.

If you access My Grades from within a course, you see the grades for that course only. Click the item name to view the grade details.

Grades for each course are viewed in the order of:

  • Overall grade for the course
  • Calculated grades, such as running total
  • Graded items by date
  • Submitted items by date
  • In progress items
  • Upcoming items ordered by due date
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