The Spaces tool enables students and educators to create communication and collaboration spaces – for study groups, group projects, committee work, interest groups, clubs, teams, etc.

Users can create a Space on their own in less than a minute, and they can make the Space Public (anyone in the global learning network can join), Protected (others have to request to join or be invited to join), or Private (others must be invited to join).

A space is a group that you can easily and quickly create to collaborate with other users. For example, you can create a space for a final exam study group, your athletic team, or any other special interest. Spaces are not the same as organizations. Spaces can be created and managed by anyone.

Access the spaces you belong to from the Spaces tool in My Blackboard. The spaces that you have joined and manage appear in your profile.

How to Create a Space

  • Click Create a Space.
  • Type a name for the space.
  • Optionally, invite space members and click Get Started.
  • Click More Options.
  • Add an image.
  • Invite space members.
  • Select the space category and type a description.
  • Set the privacy options.
  • Click Save Edits.

Space Privacy and Joining Options
The privacy settings in your space set how your space appears in My Blackboard and in member profiles. Reach each option on the Edit My Space page carefully to set users who can find and join your space.

  • Public Spaces are discoverable via search and anyone can join.
  • Protected Spaces are discoverable to search, but to join you must request access from the manager or be invited by the manager.
  • Private Spaces are not discoverable via search, and can only be joined by invitation from the manager. Private spaces are not displayed on a member’s profile.

Managing Membership
From the space Edit page, you can manage current membership and pending invitations.

  • Click Manage to view current space members. Hover over a member to make them a manager or remove them from the space.
  • Click Invite to invite new members to join the space. From the Invite page you can view pending invitations. Click the X beside a pending invitation to rescind it.
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