People Tool: Expanding your Social Network

The People tool is a single location where you can find and connect anyone with a user profile. These connections can be made through existing connections, such as a course you are enrolled in or through new connections you decide to make.

A. Browse for users at your school and in your courses. From a user profile card you can view their full profile, follow the user, or report their profile.
B. View users you have already made a connection with:

  • My Academic Network: See users in your academic network.
  • Everyone: See everyone with a user profile.
  • Your School: See users enrolled in your courses or organizations. If you are studying at more than one school, you may see users in all of your Blackboard courses and organizations.
  • My Connections: See the users you are following and who are following you.
  • My Spaces: See users who are connected to the spaces you are associated with.

C. Preview a user’s profile by moving your mouse cursor over their avatar and showing their profile card.
D. Search for specific users at other institutions or within your Academic Networks  by entering a name, a tag used in their profile, or a keyword.

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