Staying Motivated in Online Courses

Taking Online Courses can be convenient for those who are working towards finishing out their degree while carrying on with their busy everyday lives.  Balancing everything can be a challenge, but staying motivated is the key.

5 Tips for Staying Motivated

Create a Realistic Schedule

Making your goals attainable can help keep you from getting discouraged and overwhelmed.  Make a list of everything that needs to be accomplished for your studies, anything work related and other extra-curricular activities then rank everything on importance.  From your list, create a schedule that ensures that everything will be done on time.

Make Time for Yourself

Make sure to give yourself a breather every now and then so that you can be focused when it’s time to get to studying. Between work, school and extra-curricular activities it’s hard to find time for yourself. Giving yourself that time can help you avoid course burnout.

Get Socially Active

Taking online courses can seem isolating for some.  Not seeing other students or instructors daily, like a tradition course, can be tough.  But, by interacting with your classmates and instructors through something like discussions forums or video conferencing can help bridge that gap.  Build an online community for yourself and others like you to help keep you accountable in your online studies.

Acknowledge your Accomplishments

Give yourself a quick reward for your accomplishments.  Don’t let any hard work go unnoticed. Reward yourself with a little something you enjoy, and then move on to the next project.  Don’t let these rewards distract you from getting all your work done; giving yourself a small reward will help you stay motivated and keep you working toward your next goal.

Stay Positive

Staying positive is very important when it comes to motivating yourself.  Many times, once students get stressed out or overwhelmed they start to develop a negative attitude when it comes to anything school related.  Those negative thoughts can lead to students wanting to skip class & quit studying which causes their grades to suffer significantly.  Keeping a positive attitudes makes the entire process much more enjoyable.

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