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Keeping “To Do” lists is an excellent way to stay organized. Although it is very easy to lose track of sticky notes or a notebook in which you may keep track of your tasks. Blackboard provides you with the My Tasks tool to easily manage your “To-Do” list in a digital format. Your instructor may use Blackboard Tasks as a way to help you and others keep track of class assignments that are due. 

Topic What’s Covered
Viewing and Updating Tasks Vewing calendar events inside and outside of the course
Adding Personal Tasks Deals with expanding and collapsing the course menu for better content visibility

Viewing and Updating Tasks

To view and/or update tasks either from the Notifications page or within your courses:

  1. Click the task’s Title to view the full description.
  2. Click the “more tasks…” link at the bottom of the My Tasks module to modify individual task details.
  3. Click the task’s Action Menu to change the status of the Task to update and inform your instructor about your progress. Choices include Not Started, In Progress, and Complete.
  4. Click the Action Menu to edit or delete the task. You are only allowed to edit and delete personal tasks.

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Adding Personal Tasks

You can only add personal Tasks at the main tab level (i.e. on the Notifications dashboard).

To add a Task, first click the Create Personal Task button within the Tasks tool. Once on the task creation page:

  1. Enter a Task Name.
  2. Enter a Task Description.
  3. Set the Due Date
  4. Set the Task Priority
  5. Click Submit

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