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Kaltura Media provides students with options to create video content in a variety of Blackboard tools such as the discussion board, blogs, journals, and other tools. With Kaltura Media students may upload files, and create webcam recordings, or screen captures in their online courses.

UALR Watch Media
The Kaltura Media tool is a video platform that lets you upload original or create new media through the content editor in online course assignments.

You may also access Kaltura Media through the MyMedia module on the MyBlackboard menu where you may create and manage your media.

Topics at a Glance

Topic What’s Covered
Accessing Kaltura Media Find out where to locate Kaltura in your Blackboard account.
Adding multimedia content to your course Use the mashup tool in your course to add video anywhere you can type.
Creating recordings with Kaltura Record from your webcam or use the built-in screen recorder right inside your class
Uploading pre-recorded video Publish videos created using your computer or smartphone

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Accessing Kaltura Media

There are many ways to access Kaltura within your Blackboard courses, but you can always view the video content associated with your account by clicking the My Media link located at the bottom of the course listing page when you log in to Blackboard.

2019 Accessing Kaltura Media My Media

Uploaded by ualrbbhelp on 2018-12-04.

The My Media page serves as a private video gallery where you may upload, record, and manage your media content. Check out the diagram below for more information about what you can do on the My Media page.

MyMedia detail box

My Media Options
Sort, filter, view, or search for media using tags.
Select one or more files to publish.
ADD NEW: Access Media Upload, Webcam Recording, Video Presentation, and Screen Recording options.
ACTION: Publish or delete media from the course.
Edit, select a thumbnail, create a clip, trim video, upload and manage captions, publish media items, or disable comments.
Delete media from the server.
Select to see where your media is published.
To view the media click the image or link.

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Adding multimedia content to your course

The Kaltura Mashup tool allows you to add video to your course anywhere that you can type. That means you can add video to discussion board posts, assignment submissions, messages, or anywhere else you have access to the content editor.

To add a video through the content editor, just click the Mashup button and select Kaltura Media from the menu.

2019 Creating Mashups 2019

Uploaded by ualrbbhelp on 2018-12-04.

This will open a pop-up window where you can browse through the My Media or media content associated with your account or add new media.

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Creating multimedia content using Kaltura Capture

Kaltura offers a built-in, free solution for creating video content in your Blackboard course with Kaltura Capture, available through the Add New button in the My Media gallery.

Kaltura Capture v2

Uploaded by ualrbbhelp on 2018-12-04.

Kaltura Capture is a compact, easy-to-use desktop recording tool that you can use to capture video from your webcam, create screencasts of your desktop, or record audio from your microphone.

To get started using the desktop recorder, you’ll need to install it on your computer — just follow the on-screen prompts that appear when you select Capture Space from the Add New menu for the first time.

Screen Shot 2016-09-26 at 10.15.32 AM

Note that you only have to install the Kaltura Capture desktop recorder tool on your computer once, but if you plan to use the program on multiple computers, you’ll have to install it on each.

Once installed, you’ll be prompted by your browser to launch the program each time you select the Kaltura Capture option from the Add New menu. Click to launch and the Kaltura Capture Recorder will open on your desktop.

Kaltura Capture Space tool's layout design.

Learn more: Record from your webcam, Create a screen recording, Record only your voice

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Uploading pre-recorded media

Though Kaltura offers a number of free solutions for recording multimedia inside your course, you can still upload media you’ve recorded on your own. If you’ve made a video or audio recording using something outside of Kautra — like the video recorder on your smartphone or screen capture software installed on your computer — you can upload the resulting file by selecting the Media Upload option from the Add New menu in the My Media Gallery.

2019 Uploading Pre Recorded Media All

Uploaded by ualrbbhelp on 2018-12-04.

Before uploading, you’ll need to make sure the file is in one of the following approved formats.

Media File Formats: Mpeg-4 and QuickTime Formats (MP4, MOV, QT, and M4V), Flash Video (FLV and F4V), Microsoft Windows Formats (AVI, ASF, WMV and WMA), MPEG-1/2 (MPG, M1V, M2V, MP3), WAV, Matroska (MKV), OGG OGM & OGV, WEBM, 3GP, RM, Webex (ARF), MXF

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