US Economic Development Administration recognizes the AR Economic Development Institute’s work in Covid recovery plan

AEDI logoThe U.S. Economic Development Administration (EDA) recently recognized the work of the Arkansas Economic Development Institute (AEDI) at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock’s School of Business in regards to the Arkansas Recovery and Resiliency Plan. In particular, the EDA recognized AEDI’s vital data research contributions. The EDA awarded AEDI a $300,000 non-competitive CARES Act grant to fund their research.

“This grant is giving the two University Centers that serve Arkansas and the eight planning and Economic Development Districts a very unique opportunity to historically document the impact of COVID on all 75 counties in the state,” Jim Youngquist, AEDI executive director said.

Miles McDonnell, AEDI Emergency Management Specialist, elaborated, “We’re producing tools, resources, and education and providing it to areas to try and make the state a more resilient place in the future.”

“Our hope is the regions continue to collaborate in the future and continue to think about how to make their economies more resilient in general, whether it’s a pandemic, a natural disaster or some other economic hardship,” Amber Berg, AEDI Community Economic Development Planner concluded.

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