Department of Biology Tutoring Center Open Now!

We are pleased to announce the opening of a Tutoring Center in room 350 of the Science Laboratory Building for the Spring 2018 semester. It will be staffed by Ms. Azure Yarbrough, a PhD candidate who has served as graduate instructor in many courses and currently lectures in Microbiology. She will tutor in the following courses:

Introductory Biology – (Biol 1400 and 1401)
Anatomy & Physiology I and II – (Biol 1411 and 1412)
Microbiology – (Biol 2401)

This is new to the department, and they hope to add more tutors and cover more courses in time. As sole staff member at the moment, Ms. Yarbrough will try to help with other classes as she is able.

Hours, location, and contact information can be found on the department’s website:

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