2018 Summer Research Fellowship Grants

We are pleased to share with you the recipients of 2018 CALS Summer Research Fellowship grants. This year, with the assistance of the Faculty Research and Professional Development Committee, the college awarded $10,480 to four professors from the departments of Art and Design, Chemistry, English, and World Languages. Congratulations to Professors Warrick, Wang, Hummel, and Hagins.

We would like to thank the Faculty Research and Professional Development Committee and commend them for their good work on this task.

“Portraits of Peace”

Professor of Sculpture Michael WarrickMichael Warrick, Professor of Sculpture
Department of Art and Design

Professor Warrick has received $2,480 to enlarge his traditional clay portraits of contemporary architects of peace. Utilizing contemporary 3-D scanning and scaling technology he plans to produce monumentally-scaled portraits reflecting the benefits of meditation and spiritual centeredness. Additional long-term prospects are a touring exhibition and a lecture series titled “Portraits of Peace in Clay and Bronze”

“Enzymatic studies of BbI06 from Lyme disease causing Borrelia burgdorfeir

Shanzhi Wang, Assistant ProfessorShanzhi Wang, Assistant Professor
Department of Chemistry

Professor Wang has received $4000 to fund an early step of a larger research project, with a long-term goal to eliminate Borrelia burgdorferi by inhibiting all three isoforms of methylthioadenosine nucleosidases of Borrelia burgdorferi (pfs, bgp and BbI06). Preliminary results show that those enzymes play a critical role in salvage of nutrients and electron transport.

“U.S. Civil Rights Trail Research Trip”

Heather Hummel, Assistant ProfessorHeather Hummel, Assistant Professor
Department of English

Professor Hummel has received $1,650 for a research trip that follows the U.S. Civil Rights Trail. On her week-long 1,300 mile loop through Tennessee, Alabama, and Mississippi she will visit historic sites and museums. The information gathered along the way will be used to write a collection of poems that re-considers the historic civil rights narratives against the urgency of social justice issues today.

“Visualizing Diversity in the Republic: Contemporary Photography and the French Urban Periphery”

Zachary Hagins, Assistant ProfessorZachary Hagins, Assistant Professor
Department of World Languages

Professor Hagins has received $2,350 to travel to Arles and Paris, France, to gather primary sources necessary to finish drafting two chapters of his book manuscript. Visualizing Diversity in the Republic explores how engaged photography can tell us how underprivileged social actors in France negotiate political, social, and cultural obstacles in their everyday lives. As a result of completing the research, he will be able to submit the manuscript for publication.

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