CALS officers and University Senate Committee Representatives 2018-2019

CALS Assembly, elected officers (terms through May 2020)

Kristin Mann, History, President
Rebecca Streett, Math & Statistics, Vice-President
Linda Holzer, Music, Secretary
Rosalie Cheatham, World Languages, Parliamentarian
Floyd Martin, Past President (agreed to serve because Al Adams retires May 2018)

University Senate and Committees, CALS elected representatives

Faculty Senate (2-year term)

Lawrence Smith, Theatre/Dance (2019)
Haydar Al-Shukri, Physics (2019)
Minh Van Nguyen, Math (2019)
Rosalie Cheatham, World Lang (2019)
Denise LeGrand, Math (2019)
Charles Law, Music (2019)
Stephen K. Stone, Theatre/Dance (2019)
Ed Anson, History (2020)
Laura Barrio-Vilar, English (2020)
Marian Douglas, Chemistry (2020)
Jeffrey Condran, English (2020)
Andrew Deiser, World Languages (2020)
Michael Heil, History (2020)
1st alternate: Nawab Ali, Biology (2020)
2nd alternate: [vacant]

Undergraduate Council (2-year term)

Stephen Stone, Theatre/Dance (2019)
Scott Woolbright, Biology (2020)
alternate: Lawrence Smith, Theatre/Dance, (2019)
Graduate Council (3-year term)
Qingfang He, Biology (2021)
Brian Berry, Chemistry (2020)
Annie Childers, Math (2019)
alternate: Tansel Karabacak, Physics (2019)

Council on Core Curriculum and Policies (3-year term)

Rebecca Streett, Math (2019)
Heather Hummel, English (2021)
alternate: Zachary Hagins, World Lang (2019)

Committee on Committees (1-year term)

Stephanie Dhonau, World Languages (2019)

Committee on Tenure (2-year term)

Qingfang He, Biology (2019)
Eric Kaufmann, Math & Statistics (2020)

Faculty Appeals Council (2-year term)

Floyd Martin, Art (2019)

Faculty Governance Committee (up to 3 year term)

Angela Hunter, English (2019)
alternate, to serve when Dr. Hunter is on OCDA in Spr 2019: Jerry Darsey, Chemistry

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