2018-2019 Faculty Excellence Submissions

Nominations must adhere to the following instructions and page limitations to be accepted by the Provost’s Office. Prepare a single PDF collating all items described below for each nominee. Clearly identify the name of the nominee on the first page. Use this form to submit the PDF to the Dean’s Office by Thursday, January 24, 2019. Department chairs (or equivalent administrators) are expected to cooperate as needed in assembling the required information.

The contents of each packet should be as follows, minimum 12-point font, and a maximum of 15 pages (excluding the optional personal statement):

  1. Table of Contents
  2. Letter of Nomination (limited to three pages).Focus on accomplishments during the most recent five-year period.
  3. Personal statement (Optional; One page maximum)
  4. Biographical data. (limited to five pages) Please provide in the order listed; a standard curriculum vitae is inappropriate:
    • Name of nominee and award for which nominated
    • Current position (title, rank, department, or unit)
    • Number of years in this position
    • Number of years at UA Little Rock
    • Degrees held (source and date)
    • Employment history (previous positions, years; list most recent first)
    • Honors and awards
    • Membership in professional and honorary societies (note offices held)
    • List of courses taught in each of the five years prior to nomination. Provide the full course title and not just the course number.
    • Scholarly and Professional Accomplishments: List of articles and books published and professional accomplishments within the last five years (please provide the complete citation). If there are particularly significant accomplishments before the last five years, those may be referenced in the letter of nomination.  Do not submit copies of work(s). The selection committee may request these if desired.
    • Description of the public service activities in each of the five years prior to nomination.Only the contents of the packet as specified above will be sent to the members of the external selection committee.
  5. Letters of Endorsement: (limited to one page each) Letters of endorsement may be provided from up to four people who can speak to the award criteria. Letters from students who are likely to be subsequently advised or evaluated by the faculty nominee are discouraged. Standard, anonymous student evaluations and individual letters from graduates are appropriate. The perspective or status of the authors of the letters should be clearly identified, either in the letter itself or by the person who prepares the nomination packet as well as their title, e.g., Professor of English, or Alumnus, or Dean of Arts, or Student, etc.

Pages exceeding the limits above will not be considered. The total packet requires a Table of Contents and a maximum of 15 pages (excluding the optional personal statement).

Packets due to CALS Dean’s Office on Thursday, January 24, 2019, by 5 p.m. Use this form to submit the PDF.

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