2014-2015 Executive Summary

The Office of Campus Life delivered high-impact activities and opportunities to participate in life on campus throughout the year. Our university’s top priority, student success, is the foundation on which our programs are built.

New student orientation continued to provide entering first-year and transfer students and family members access to the people, information and services needed for a successful transition to college. Our creation of an online orientation resulted in a product that reflects the robust online offerings today’s students expect.

The need for permanent meeting space for Greek life has resulted in allocated space that will be renovated this summer. Meetings with architects to plan for long-term Greek accommodations have begun. A multi-cultural women’s fraternity sought approval to colonize on our campus and promises to add a new Greek experience.

Campus Recreation saw significant growth in intramural participation. Rugby, the newest campus sports club, has the potential to provide students with competition and recognition within our state.

The University Program Council had phenomenal growth in program attendance and student volunteer membership that reflects the significant student audience that on-campus housing and strategic promotion can foster.

Collaboration with colleagues across campus and coaching of individual students has produced scholarship dollars for a nontraditional student population that is willing to seek them out. Communication with this cohort is heavily dependent on email; the open rate for the monthly electronic newsletter remained much higher than the industry average.

Student organizations, regardless of their number, continue to reflect the diversity of our student body. These groups continued to serve student interests and provide venues for leadership development. Involvement with peers on campus enhances student success. Our student organizations attracted growing numbers of students who are retained to graduation.

Convocation has proven to be an important component to our entering residential student population. Now in its fourth year, the ceremony will include live music, the offer for which demonstrates our happy collaboration with faculty who wish to share in the production of this event.

The advent of a new athletic director brings a transformation in the way we offer opportunities to interact with campus athletics and support our Little Rock Trojans. The shift to a fall homecoming game and the opportunity to stage orientation events at the Jack Stephens Center are just two new traditions that are being established on campus.

We will continue to engage students in co-curricular experiences that will first enhance their success as students. These experiences will also prepare them for employment in a work world that values communication skills, professionalism and collaborative skills often honed in campus life involvement. Lifelong pursuits and talents are often discovered in college. Co-curricular experiences are a valuable component in the mix that retains students and shapes their lifelong success.

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