2014 – 2015 Future Goals

  1. To increase interaction with faculty and to improve faculty and staff advisor service to registered student organizations through enhancement of registered student organization advisor training.
  2. Involve student organizations, fraternities, and sororities in service learning activities during Make a Difference Day.
  3. Move all paper forms to online availability.
  4. Plan an end-of-year reception for faculty and staff advisors who have served registered student organizations. Establish Advisor of the Year award.
  5. Continue to develop measurable and attainable student leadership development experiences and programs.
  6. Fill diversity programs coordinator position and expand offerings for burgeoning campus communities.
  7. Continue expansion of Greek life and campus community/alumni ‘buy-in’ through strategic and proactive problem solving. Enhance communication with Greek life stakeholders through an electronic newsletter to be delivered each semester.
  8. Establish permanent meeting space for Greek organizations and continue work toward the creation of Greek Village.
  9. Move orientation evaluation to online format.
  10. Establish consistent assessment of student satisfaction with programs and leadership development experiences and conduct the same each semester, to include experiences in campus recreation, student newspaper and student government.
  11. Continue partnership with athletics in the provision of homecoming and related experiences to provide and expand the schedule of homecoming activities to encompass the campus, alumni, and the surrounding community.
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