Participant’s Guide

Dear Students,

The Intramural Sports Program provides individuals with an enjoyable recreational experience that help develop skills that carry over into everyday life, help develop social relationships and sportsmanship, as well as provide an opportunity to enhance and improve the quality of life.  Whether you enjoy informal or structured leagues, this is the place for you!

The participant’s guide is a reference guide to assist UALR students and the Intramural Sports program.  Please look at the pages below for reference to any questions you may have about the following:

  1. Leagues & Divisions, Managers Responsibility, Rosters
  2. On-Campus & Extramural Eligibility
  3. Schedules, Forfeits & Defaults, Postponements
  4. Sportsmanship Ratings & Playoff Qualifications
  5. Team & Player Conduct
  6. Protests, Appeals, Violations
  7. Injuries & Equipment
  8. Sport Officials

Grant Watts
Coordinator of Intramural Sports