Protests, Appeals, Violations


Only team managers can file protests when a rule has been violated which may affect the outcome of the event.  The manager must immediately, upon occurrence of a discrepancy, inform the official that he or she wishes to put the game under protest.  The manager must file a written letter of protest with the coordinator by noon of the next business day explaining the protest.  An official’s judgment or interpretation of a player’s action does not constitute grounds for protest. Eligibility protests may be filed by anyone throughout the season.


Any team manager wishing to appeal a ruling made by the coordinator must submit a letter of appeal to the director of campus recreation within 48 hours of the ruling.


A team with an ineligible player will forfeit any contest in which it used an ineligible player.  In addition, the ineligible player and all teams on which he/she participated will be dropped from further competition. When eligibility violations occur during playoffs, the regular season league standings are not affected. Playoff games affected by these violations will not be rescheduled.  Falsification of names on the scorecard and/or participation under an assumed name makes an individual and team ineligible. Any player competing under an assumed name will be ineligible for intramural sport participation for one calendar year beginning at the time the discrepancy is first noticed. Because the team manager is responsible for the team, the same sanction shall apply to him or her.