Schedules, Forfeits & Defaults, Postponements


Scheduling is based on number of teams registered in the league/tournament.  The scheduling philosophy of the Office of Campus Recreation is to provide teams with at least 4 games in the major sports plus a playoff tournament.  The office does its best to accommodate team time preferences and schedule as many games as possible.

It is the responsibility of the individual/dual participant or team manager to personally check the IMLeagues website or campus recreation office for changes in playing schedules or weather related cancellations.

Forfeits & Defaults

A completed team roster and entry form is the contract a team makes with intramural sports to the effect that the Coordinator of Intramural Sports will schedule the team for competition and the team will be there.  Please honor that contract.  A team will forfeit a contest if not ready to play at its scheduled time or as specified in the individual sport rules, if it leaves the playing area before the contest is completed, or if it has an ineligible player.

  • A team that defaults will receive a sportsmanship average of 2 pts.
  • A team that forfeits or has a player ejected will receive a sportsmanship average of 0 pts.
  • A team that forfeits their first scheduled game will be removed from the game schedule.


Postponements will be made only through the Coordinator of Intramural Sports.  A scheduled contest may be postponed only by written agreement of both team captains and the coordinator.  A postponement must be filed with the Office of Campus Recreation at least a week prior to the start of the scheduled intramural sport contest.


Only team managers can file protests when a rule has been violated which may affect the outcome of the event.  The manager must immediately, upon occurrence of a discrepancy, inform the official that he or she wishes to put the game under protest.  The manager must file a written letter of protest with the coordinator by noon of the next business day explaining the protest.  An official’s judgment or interpretation of a player’s action does not constitute grounds for protest.  Eligibility protests may be filed by anyone throughout the season.


Any team manager wishing to appeal a ruling made by the coordinator must submit a letter of appeal to the Director of Campus Recreation within 48 hours of the ruling.