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Student Responsibility:  Seeking Employment
The UA Little Rock Career Center acts as a referral service, informing individuals of employment opportunities submitted to the office.  We make every best effort to research the integrity of these postings and we urge students to do the same.  Conduct your own due diligence in job searches, researching both positions and employers.

Follow these best practices:

  • Carefully check any employer you are considering to be sure the job offered is legitimate. Watch the Federal Trade Commission’s video on job scams.
  • Use common sense when applying for and engaging in off-campus employment. If a potential employer asks you to participate in an activity that makes you uncomfortable in any way, don’t do it.
  • Be wary of ‘check cashing scams.’ If someone asks you to deposit a check/money order into your personal account and send money to another individual, you should refuse.
  • Immediately inform the UA Little Rock Career Center if a job/employer you have researched appears to be a scam or not what it was represented to be in the job posting.

Please be aware that the UA Little Rock Career Center will list employment opportunities on this website only. We are unable to prevent other websites from copying our listings and reposting them elsewhere.

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