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Graduate Certificate in Conflict Mediation

Conflict management and mediation skills are important in any profession that involves working with people. Educators, social workers, human resource professionals, health care professionals, and leaders in public, private, nonprofit, and religious organizations are among those whose responsibilities include managing conflict.

The field of conflict mediation is expanding nationwide in business, government, and education. Conflict mediators assist individuals and groups in reaching agreements on matters ranging from employee grievances to child custody. Many courts are beginning to refer cases to mediation before they are litigated.

Whether you are interested in a career in conflict mediation or you feel that conflict mediation skills would enhance your effectiveness in your current career, this graduate certificate may be for you. Courses are scheduled on weekends for the convenience of working professionals and are taught by UALR faculty and by national experts in the field.

Students can complete the program in a year or can go at their own pace. Electives allow students to tailor the program to various interest areas. The program offers numerous and varied opportunities for developing skills in role-play situations with individualized feedback.
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Admission Requirements

Successful applicants will hold a bachelor’s degree with a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 from an accredited college or university, be recommended for admission by a representative of the graduate certificate in Conflict Mediation; and be admitted by the UALR Graduate School.

The graduate certificate in Conflict Mediation is interdisciplinary. Certain courses may be approved as electives for other graduate programs; however, advance approval must be obtained from the other program’s advisor.

If you are a student in the graduate certificate in Conflict Mediation program and you also wish to enter another graduate program, you must go through the other program’s normal admissions process in addition to be admitted to the Graduate School.

Program Requirements

The graduate certificate in Conflict Mediation requires 18 credit hours for completion- 3 required courses (9 credit hours) plus 3 electives (9 credit hours).
The following courses are required:

SPCH 7323 Conflict Analysis and Intervention
SPCH 7324 Negotiation
LAW 6304 Mediation Seminar

Students may choose three electives (9 hours) from the following:

SOWK 8320 Family Mediation
PADM 7341 Managing Public Disputes
TCED 7341 Conflict Management in the Schools
PSYC 7330 Designing ADR Systems for Organizations
SPCH 7350 Effective Crisis Communication
SPCH 5313 Facilitating Multi-Party Conflicts

Practicum (SPCH 8300)

Students who wish to engage in a practicum should submit a proposal to the Conflict Mediation program coordinator. The practicum must provide experience and assignments related to conflict mediation and make it possible to assign a grade to the experience. The experience and assignments should be equivalent to a three credit hour graduate course.

Financial Aid

Students in the Conflict Mediation certificate program who are enrolled in the Mediation seminar (LAW 6329) should contact the program coordinator if they are receiving federal financial aid. A form to verify their enrollment must be filled out and sent to the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid in order to ensure their funds are correctly applied.

Graduation Requirements

Cumulative graduate GPA of at least 3.0 on an approved program of study as outlined above.