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Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management

The graduate certificate in Nonprofit Management is designed for  students currently employed in nonprofit organizations was well as students interested in entering the nonprofit sector. The curriculum combines scholarly knowledge with practical applications. Classes are taught by experienced faculty from a variety of fields including public administration, social work, communication, and finance, and by experienced professionals in the local nonprofit community.

Courses present trends affecting nonprofits and government alike and how to use these for the successful leadership and management of nonprofit organizations. Learning with professional managers from other nonprofit organizations, students are able to develop their own personal styles of leadership and management while gaining knowledge and skills in topics outside their immediate job areas for further professional growth. Students gain valuable hands-on project and consulting experience and enjoy a close relationship with faculty and fellow colleagues in the program. For more information, see the website.

Admission Requirements

  • Baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited institution and ability to meet the general admission standards of the UALR Graduate School.
  • Preference is given to persons who are currently employed in a nonprofit organization
  • A written statement of educational and career goals (email to graduate coordinator)
  • Two letters of reference relevant to the application (email to graduate coordinator)

Program Requirements

The graduate certificate in Nonprofit Management requires 18 graduate credit hours, including 6 required hours and 12 approved elective hours. In the Capstone Course, students prepare and present a final group project to a nonprofit or government client.

Required Courses

PADM 7336 Nonprofit Organization Management (Three hours)
PADM 7374 Capstone Project (Three hours)


Current approved elective courses include:

PADM 7313 Public and Nonprofit Human Resource Management
PADM 7324 Financial Management for Nonprofit Organizations
PADM 7326 Public Organizational Networks for Nonprofits
PADM 7334 Grant Writing and Fundraising
PADM 7335 Urban Management
PADM 7341 Managing Public Disputes
PADM 7346 Current Issues in Public and Nonprofit Management
PADM 7380 Public Program Evaluation
SPCH 7311 Small Group Communication
RHET 5375 Grant Writing
MCOM 7350 Public Relations for the 21st Century Nonprofits
SOWK 8159/8259/ Evaluation Research I & II

Other elective courses must be approved in advance by the graduate coordinator.

Graduation Requirements

  • Cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 on an approved program of study as outlined above.
  • Successfully passing of both the written capstone project and the oral presentation of the project.

Note: Course descriptions of the PADM courses may be found in the Public Administration portions of the catalog, MCOM courses descriptions may be found in the Mass Communications portion of this catalog, RHET courses may be found under the Professional and Technical Writing portion of the catalog, and SOWK course descriptions may be found in the Social Work portions of this catalog.