Health, Human Performance, and Sports Graduate Courses

Courses in Health, Human Performance and Sport Management

HHPS 5340 Adapted Physical Education K-12
This course presents the philosophy and methods pertaining to the adaptation of physical education for handicapped and exceptional students. A basic knowledge of handicapped conditions and the complications thereof for participating in physical education along with classroom, laboratory and practical experience will be provided to increase the awareness of the handicapped and to facilitate the application of knowledge to real life situations. Three hours of lecture per week.

HHPS 5350 Methods and Techniques of Teaching Physical Education 6-12
Prerequisites: HHPS 3320, HHPS 3210, and HHPS 3310, or department approval. This course provides a detailed review of the analysis and application of the major responsibilities and competencies required for teaching physical education 6-12. Emphasis is on learning the State Standards for Physical Education, Wellness, & Leisure (SSPEWL) K-12 licensure requirements and preparation for the ETS PRAXIS Series exams. This is the designated capstone course for the BS in Health Human Performance and Sport Management: emphasis in Health and Exercise Science, Minor in Secondary Education. Dual-listed in the UALR Undergraduate Catalog as HSCI 4350. Three hours lecture per week. Three credits hours.

HHPS 5371 Health Education Concepts and Applications
Concepts, philosophy, applications in public, private, professional, commercial organizations that exist to improve, maintain health. Three hours lecture per week. Offered in fall on even years.

HHPS 5373 Controversial Issues in Health Education
Health issues as influenced by laws, public opinion, scientific knowledge; current controversial issues in health education. (Also offered each summer in conjunction with MidSouth Summer School on Drug and Alcohol Abuse, usually last full week in June.) Three hours lecture per week. Offered on demand.

HHPS 5378 Organization and Administration of Health Education Programs
Prerequisites: HHPS 2303 and HHPS 4380 or department approval. This course is designed to provide a foundation in the organization and management of community-based health education programs. The purpose of this course is to provide an introduction to the fundamental concepts of management, administration, and leadership, as well as demonstrate their application in a variety of health education, health promotion and wellness programs. Dual listed in the UALR Undergraduate Catalog as HHPS 4378. This course is not open to students with credit for HHPS 4378. Three hours lecture per week. Three credits hours.

HHPS 5399 HHPS Special Topics
Prerequisite: HHPS 2330. Selected topics in specialized areas of health education, human performance, and sport management. Course topics will be announced in advance. Three credit hour lecture course.

HHPS 5430 Epidemiology: Environmental & Health
The principles of health and environmental epidemiology are introduced with specific emphasis on its application to various health and environmental settings. Statistical methods used for analyzing health and environmental epidemiological data are introduced. Computer applications will be presented in lecture and laboratory sessions. The role of health and environmental epidemiology in anti-terrorism programs will be presented. Lectures will be supplemented with laboratory computer exercises, site visits, and field studies.

HHPS 7301 Research Methods in Health Sciences
This course provides an overview examination of research methods applicable to the study of individual and group behavior. The course will interface behavioral theory, research design and methods, and data analysis/interpretation. The course will serve as an introduction and practical guide to conducting and critically evaluating health sciences and health behavior research.

HHPS 7302 Basic Statistics in Heath Sciences
A study of fundamental statistical concepts and techniques including descriptive and inferential parametric/non-parametric tests.

HHPS 7303 Evaluation of Health Programs
This course is an introductory course in evaluation designed for practitioners. The course content includes rationales for evaluation; political, organizational, theoretical, and educational aspects of evaluation; and methods to implement a sound evaluation.

HHPS 7304 Introduction to Community and Public Health
This course will examine community and public health in the United States. The course provides an overview of diverse areas in public health that explores epidemiology, biostatistics, social and behavioral sciences, environmental health issues, financing and delivery of health care systems, and systems thinking.

HHPS 7310 Theoretical Foundations of Health Education
This course explores the role of theory in shaping research and practice in health promotion and education, as well as historical and ongoing interaction between health education and the applied social sciences.

HHPS 7311 Concepts and Methods of Health Education
Fundamental principles and practices of public health promotion including history, ethics, cultural competence, professional responsibilities, overview of theory and models, and selection and implementation of instructional methods.

HHPS 7313 Advanced Statistics for Health Science
This course will introduce students to applied multivariable, multivariate, and data modeling analyses approaches used in health sciences research. Successful completion of HHPS 7302 (or equivalent) and permission of instructor required for enrollment.

HHPS 7314 Health Education Curriculum Development
The major focus of this course is on curriculum development and program planning in health promotion and education on a micro level. Practical aspects of curriculum development and program planning are emphasized. Learning theory and learning styles are discussed as they relate to health education curricula and program planning.

HHPS 7320 Curriculum Development in Physical Education
This course focuses on the content and process of PK-12 Physical Education curriculum development for the public schools.

HHPS 7321 Advanced Motor Learning
This course focuses on the advanced study of principles/ theories of human motor learning, behavior and performance.

HHPS 7322 Administration of Health, Physical Education and Sport
This course covers basic managerial theories and practices required to administer physical education and health programs in elementary schools, secondary schools, and athletic settings.

HHPS 7323 Biomechanics
This course is designed to provide an advanced study of biomechanical concepts and their application to human movement and sport skills.

HHPS 7324 Advanced Exercise Physiology
This course applies physiological principles to exercise circumstance and includes critical analysis of the effect of exercise on human physiologic function with in-depth examination of current literature.

HHPS 7325 Sports and Exercise Nutrition
Prerequisite: consent of the instructor. The Sports and Exercise Nutrition course is a study of the scientific basis of nutrition and diet on physical performance and health. Topics include energy metabolism, substrate utilization, and measurement of energy expenditure, thermoregulation, fluid balance, rehydration, weight control, eating disorders, ergogenic aids, meal planning and evaluation.

HHPS 7326 Lab Techniques in Exercise Science
This course focuses on collecting and analyzing human data using various measurement devices often utilized in exercise science settings. The primary focus is to teach students how to work with human subjects in a research setting with various measurement devices. Furthermore, this course will also review research methodologies specific to certain types of data collections.

HHPS 7327 Neuromechanics
This course focuses on neurophysiology and motor control of human movements, specifically focusing on the central and peripheral control systems and their interaction. This course also addresses how injuries of the head and spine and neuromuscular diseases (e.g., MS, CP, Parkinson’s) affect human movement.

HHPS 7330 Management and Leadership in Sport Organizations
This course emphasizes the management and leadership components of sport organizations. Specifically, the course will focus on the means of improving performance and satisfaction within sport organizations. Several areas will be discussed such as developing goals, decision making, strategic planning, leadership styles, and human resource management with the objective of developing a management and leadership philosophy.

HHPS 7331 Sport Law
This course is a study of legal issues affecting the delivery of sport services; focuses on liability in sport activities.

HHPS 7333 Issues and Ethics in Sports Management
Students will study ethical theories, moral reasoning, and ethical decision-making, and their value for sport managers. The application of ethical decision-making approaches relative to the major issues currently facing sport managers, and their impact on the operation of sport programs will also be addressed.

HHPS 7334: Sport Marketing
Students will develop an understanding and skill in the marketing process as relates to promotion & public relations activities in physical education, athletics and commercial sport operations. Primary focus will be on the application of marketing principles to specific sport scenarios.

HHPS 7336 Fiscal Management in Sport Organizations
This course is intended to provide students a general overview of many of the traditional and innovative revenue acquisition methods available for sport managers. Initial class time is devoted to helping students understand the fundamentals of finance, accounting, and the application of key financial techniques utilized in the administration and operation of a business, including: ration analysis, cash flow management, budgeting, and general investment strategies. Subsequently, a large portion of the semester will cover a wide range of topics geared towards educating students to basic financial concepts and other financial issues related to the sports industry.

HHPS 7337 Sport Facility and Event Management
This course provides an overview of facility or venue planning and design for sport areas. Students will learn about several finance strategies used in financing facility development as well as risk management and safety concerns when developing and running sport venues and events. Students will learn the factors involved in managing sporting events.

HHPS 7397 Independent Study
Prerequisite: consent of instructor. The independent study course may be take upon advisor recommendation on a specific topic of study. The course topic will be determined by the candidate’s advisor or to help fulfill program requirements for candidate’s graduation.

HHPS 7698 Project
All students must pass comprehensive examinations before enrolling in this course. Prerequisites for Health Education: HHPS 7301, 7302, 7303, 7310, 7311, 5430, 7314. Prerequisites for Exercise Science: HHPS 7301, 7302, 7303, 7320, 7321, 7322, 7323, 7324. Prerequisites for Sports Management: HHPS 7301, 7302, 7303, 7330, 7331, 7332, 7333, 7334, 7335. Project preparation is a mid-level research experience for master’s degree students who have elected the special project option. With the guidance of a research committee, the student will plan, conduct, and prepare a written and oral report on a specific master ’s-level project containing some original research.

HHPS 7699 Thesis
All students must pass comprehensive examinations before enrolling in this course. Prerequisites for Health Education: HHPS 7301, 7302, 7303, 7310, 7311, 5430, 7313. Prerequisites for Exercise Science: HHPS 7301, 7302, 7303, 7320, 7321, 7322, 7323, 7324. Prerequisites for Sports Management: HHPS 7301, 7302, 7303, 7330, 7331, 7332, 7333, 7334, 7335. Thesis preparation is designed to provide students with graduate-level research experience. Under the direction of the student’s major advisor and graduate committee, the student will carry out original research to support her/his thesis.