Catalog Changes

Mission and Vision statement  in the 2018-2019 reverted to an older statement.  The statement has now been fixed to match the 2017-2018 catalog:



The UA Little Rock Graduate School will offer its students (part time, full time,military, and veterans) a high impact learning experience by creating collaborative relationships to ensure future success. The Graduate School will partner with other units on campus to continually foster an inclusive and family-friendly environment where a diverse student body thrives intellectually, becomes career ready, and is prepared for lifelong success.


The mission of UA Little Rock Graduate School is to provide a high quality educational experience through a wide range of academic programs. UA Little Rock is a community engaged, research metropolitan university located in the capital city and the largest metropolitan area of the state. Consistent with that mission, UA Little Rock Graduate School serves the needs of a diverse community by preparing our students for career readiness and lifelong success. The Graduate School will accomplish this through:
1. COLLABORATION: To foster community/civil engagements.
2. EDUCATION: To support enhancement and encourage high impact learning through quality education experiences on both the main campus and our online campus through Graduate Certificates, Master’s and Doctoral programs.
3. EFFICIENT SUPPORT STRUCTURE: To offer stream-lined processes to help students including historically marginalized populations succeed, as well as faculty engaged in the graduate programs.
4. SIGNATURE EXPERIENCES: To provide opportunities such as, but not
limited to, research/creative activities, competitions, workshops and social networking events, in collaboration with academic units, to complement the learning experience.


College of Arts Letters and Sciences

  • Correction to a missed new course and course description from curriculum change form 12-1046
    • MATH 5306 Topology
      Prerequisities: a grade of C or greater in MA TH 2350 and MATH 2453 Topological spaces, connectedness, compactness, separation axioms, metric spaces, sequences, completeness, Urysohn’s metrization theorm, homotopy, the fundamental group. Additional topics selected from The Tychonofftheorem, compactifications. Dual-listed in the UALR Undergraduate Catalog as MATH 4306. This course is not open to students with credit for MATH 4306. Three credit hours

College of Business

College of Education and Health Professions

College of Social Sciences and Communication

Donaghey College of Engineering and Information Technology

    • The prerequisite for SYEN 7314 was added back to the complete list of graduate courses.  The prerequisite listed in the course description on the program’s page was correct.  Both should state the same prerequisites now.
      • SYEN 7314 Multi-criteria Decision and Risk Analysis
        Prerequisite: SYEN 7313 or equivalent, or consent of the instructor
    • The required course for Data Science listed as IFSC 5346 Information Visualization was updated to the correct course number and now shows IFSC 5345 Information Visualization