Guide to UA Little Rock

About the Undergraduate Catalog

The Undergraduate Catalog is an official publication of UA Little Rock, revised annually and published in August each year. It provides information about degree programs, course offerings, and academic regulations that affect undergraduate students. There are separate catalogs for UA Little Rock’s graduate and law programs.

The online version of the catalog is a snapshot of the printed version also updated annually or when substantive mistakes are identified.

Please note: The printed version, which is the same as the Adobe PDF available online, is used to determine graduation requirements.

Copies of previous catalogs (PDF online versions) may be found on the catalog archive website and hard copies of every year are kept in the Office of Records and Registration.

The catalog is compiled and edited by Donna L. Shelton, Academic Editor, on behalf of the Office of the Provost, with assistance provided by the associate deans of the colleges, department chairpersons, Provost Office staff, and the staff of UA Little Rock Printing Services.

This catalog establishes the graduation requirements set forth by a specific program of study within each college. Typically, students who enter a program within UA Little Rock, follow the program of study listed for the academic year the catalog is published. Each college within UA Little Rock reserves the right to change graduation requirements for their program. Students should meet regularly with their academic advisors to be certain that they are aware of any changes in graduation requirements that may apply to them.

Admission to UA Little Rock in any program of study does not guarantee that the university will continue to offer that program of study indefinitely. UA Little Rock reserves the right to change, phase out, or discontinue any program at any time in the best interest of the University.

Right to Change

Any policy, course listing, website, catalog, or class schedule is only intended to announce available courses and applicable policies. If a course appears in this catalog or any other publication, it should not be regarded as a guarantee. Keeping within standards set by other universities with the University of Arkansas System, UA Little Rock reserves the right to:

  • add or delete courses or programs from its offerings,
  • change times, locations, or instructors of courses or programs,
  • modify academic calendars without notice,
  • cancel any course for insufficient student registrations, or
  • revise regulations, charges, fees, schedules, courses, requirements for degrees, and any other policy or regulation affecting students whenever it is considered to be in the best interests of UA Little Rock.

How to Get Help

Often the information you need can be obtained on the UA Little Rock website at or by telephone. Departmental numbers are included in their respective sections within the Catalog. For other numbers, consult the business pages in the Little Rock telephone directory. For information not included on the UA Little Rock website, go directly to the office with the title that matches your needs: the Office of Undergraduate Admissions and the Office of Records and Registration are most often needed by incoming students.

These offices are located on the second floor of the Charles W. Donaldson Student Services Center.

The Office of Undergraduate Academic Advising provides advice on the selection of required courses and programs for undeclared majors. All students who are undecided about a specific field of study must contact this office, located on the third floor of Student Services Center.

If you have decided on a major or have narrowed your choice to a few areas, contact the academic advisor or chairperson of the appropriate department or the dean of the college or school.

If you have a problem or concern regarding student life on campus or have a question about student judicial affairs, start at the Student Experience Center, located on the upper level of the Donaghey Student Center.

An Information Center is also located in the Donaghey Student Center on the first floor across from the bookstore; personnel there can assist you with specific questions. Department chairpersons and deans are appropriate people to contact for any academic problem at any time. All academic units are under the direction of the provost and executive vice chancellor.

The Catalog provides you with background information about the university and programs that are available. You will also find other important information to assist you. The rest of the catalog is arranged by colleges and then departments or divisions within each college. Each of these sections describes the requirements for a major or a minor in that area, as well as all the courses the department offers. Most courses are scheduled at least once every two years. The section titled “Interdisciplinary Studies” describes degrees that involve work in more than one department or college.


UA Little Rock Students

One of the most exciting things about UA Little Rock is the diversity reflected in the student body. The campus includes people ranging from the usual college age of 18-21 to many over 60. Many students work at least part-time, and some are married, and many attend night courses only. Some students take courses for personal enrichment or job advancement. About 56 percent of the student population identify as White, 22 percent African-American, 2 percent Asian, 7 percent Hispanic or Latino, and 8% identify as two or more races. Our growing number of international students is about 4 percent of the students at UA Little Rock.